Bitey Little Blighters - Bitten

by Mikey Mason



The production of this music was made possible by my Patreon patrons (, especially James Doster, Terry Dyer, Jeremy Jackson, Phil Hammer, and Robin Abbess. Thanks you guys. You make life more awesome!

My friend (steampunk creator/author/all-around nice guy) Thomas Dean Willeford has some kittens living with him, and has been joking about them having a band that keeps him up at all hours and that wrecks his place. Today he named the band, or rather revealed that said kittens had named the band and he simply reacted to it.

So just for giggles, I hopped on GarageBand and, with a few loops and automatic player options, I made the Bitey Little Blighters Theme. It took all of 20 minutes (after piddling around with settings and downloading some kitten yowlings.) The video took another whole 10 minutes.

The temptation to turn the Blighters into a full-on fictional band, and write/release an album for them of completely original music, was just too great to resist, and so here we are. I've always loved fictional bands (except Chris Gaines. Sorry, Garth.) The kittens names are Frontman, Keyboard, Bass Player, and Drummer. I didn't name them, but the names are just perfect.

This album took less than 2 hours to write and record. It took a bit longer to mix to acceptable levels, but really... this was just quick and dirty playtime, and a way to blow off some creative steam. The rules were simple: the songs had to be catchy, cat-related, and short--nothing over a minute (ever try herding cats? Now try getting them to play music together... Under the best of circumstances, it's a short-lived miracle.)

I don't know what (if anything) further will come for the 'Blighters. I guess the future will tell, but I hope you enjoy this senseless bit of frippery.

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released May 11, 2017

Written, recorded, and performed by Mikey Mason.




Mikey Mason Indianapolis, Indiana

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