by Mikey Mason

Same old song, night after night and there's nothing near it. Wait so long, the music the dice make, I love to hear it. Whether it's a dwarf with a sucking chest wound, Or Return to the Temple of Horrendous Doom, Or a swack iron dragon, we just bust in the room and... Hoody Frickin' Hoo! Fireballs coming online, B.A. Sara just sighs cause we won't parley, I grab my trusty Hackmaster +12 and hear Bob say... "I waste 'em with my crossbow!" Time moves slow. I drag through the work week to get to tonight and Here we go. My sheet's on the table, I'm ready to fight and, Whether we're running from the Doomsday Pack, Or in Muncie's steam tunnels, braving the black, Or another Bag War 'cause Barringer's back, it's... Hoody Frickin' Hoo!
In My Head 04:13
Settle 03:17
Hangry 03:34
My Apologies 01:14
Natural 20 03:22
The Curse 04:26


My fourth geek album, dodecahedron, predictably has 12 tracks.

It's about gaming and geek stuff. And stuff.

The writing and production of many of the songs on this album were subsidized in whole or in part by my wonderful and generous patrons from, who are (in no particular order): Madison Roberts, KC Mikey, Terry Dyer, Wayne Garmil, Chris Curtis, Wanda Harward, Jennifer, Carl Gilchrist, Mark, Chris Piazzo, Mike “Uncle Elvis” Hind, runester, James Doster, Bob Gilgan, and KT Hicks.
Thank you all so very much. You help make possible my weird songs and jackassery.


released July 14, 2014


all rights reserved



Mikey Mason Indianapolis, Indiana

A nationally touring performer with hits like She Don’t Like Firefly, Best Game Ever, and Opposite of Cool, Mikey Mason is a ball of contagious enthusiasm who makes songs about role-playing games, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, cats, and the general experience of being a geek. He’s been heard on, SyFy,, and Dr. Demento, and is a truly must-see event each time he performs. ... more

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