If Springsteen Wrote My Life (Part II)

from by Mikey Mason



Inspired by a Facebook post by John King (@notthatjohnking on twitter,) I quickly tweaked what he had written (just a touch) and added music. It became "If Springsteen Wrote My Life (Part I)" and inspired the entire "If Springsteen Wrote My Life"series. He's an old friend and a smart, funny guy.


Gettin' my brakes fixed, feeling despair mixed with hate
Aware of what I'll be paying
There's gum on my shoe, on the waiting room TV
A televangelist's praying

Somewhere a microwave starts beeping. Somebody's Hot Pocket's done.
And if Springsteen wrote this, it'd sell millions son.
But I just want my brakes fixed and this ain't Born To Run.


from Tentacow, released June 2, 2016



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Mikey Mason Indianapolis, Indiana

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