White Trash Geek

from by Mikey Mason

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Folks have been asking me to put this on an album for a while now. OK.


Gather 'round everybody, you're about to be
In the presence of a redneck oddity
I'm the third generation from a doublewide
But I've got a fanboy streak at least a parsec wide
I can quote Holy Grail, I keep my dice in a Crown Royal bag
'Cause I'm a geek but I'm white trash.

I've got my trailer decorated like the Enterprise D
With a viewscreen made from a plasma TV
Instead of Romulan Ale, I drink Beam on the rocks
I've got an outhouse painted like a Police Box
I've got a burglar alarm on my trailer, screams, "You shall not pass!"
'Cause I'm a geek, but I'm WHITE TRASH

I've got a vanity plate that reads OUTATIME
And my birthday cake said "The cake is a lie."
I broke a man's tooth who said that Han shot back
And my boys are named Jimmy, Johnny, Joey, Jango, Jared, and Jack.
And I'll go karaoke, but I'll only sing Shatner or Cash
'Cause I'm a geek, but I'm WHITE TRASH!


from Tentacow, released June 2, 2016
Lead guitar on White Trash Geek courtesy of Trent Wilson
twitter: @BDH_Band
Synths, electric piano, and organ on White Trash Geek courtesy of Sean Faust
twitter: @seanfaust


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Mikey Mason Indianapolis, Indiana


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